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Whenever I hear about the lifestyle of Queen Elizabeth, I am always appealed at the free ride of luxury she is given. I mean why should the royals get to live like the Granthams at Downton Abby, paid in full by the British people? Off with their heads I say.

But looking at it through the prism of American politics,  at some point I realized the point of it all. The monarchy is the symbolic identity of the British. The actual government is run by the Prime Minister. The Queen is all bout dignity and image. The prime minister's job is to run country. The Brits have no problem disagreeing with the PM and calling bullshit when he tried to pull a fast one. The Queen is all about looking good and acting British, so when things go bad she uses Latin phrases like "Anus Horriblus." So much better than this year sucked, don't you think?

Here on the other side of the pond we have this uneasy image of our President because he is both the symbolic head of state and day to day manager of the executive. If you criticize the Prez during a war you run run risk of being called a traitor because he symbolizes America.
We also have a congressman shouting "you lie" to the president during the state of the union because he is treating him like the PM in England.
So every Presidents Day our greatest leaders are seen on TV and billboards selling cars, washing machines and especially mattresses. We have a schizophrenic attitude toward the President because he is 2 things at once.
So which is it?
Less filling or tastes great?
"Certs is a candy mint. Certs is a breath mint. Two, two, two mints in one."
For me the choice for King would be George Clooney and for Queen it would have to be Oprah, I mean she kind of already is.
Who would you pick.

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I have been going to MacWorld for a long time, not since the beginning when Macs were this cute little toy that did things in black and white but somewhere in the middle when they were biege boxes that crashed a lot. When I was Art Director at KNTV we had a couple 9600's and eventually one of the first candy colored iMacs.
It was then I started going to MacWorld when it was more like going to Woodstock than a computer convention. Very cool stuff and excited people. That was when Apple had a huge booth and Steve Jobs would give the keynote to introduce the iPod or whatever was the latest thing.
I was in the audience when he announced the iPhone.
But now MacWorld is really iPhone/iPad World. I don't think I even saw a Macintosh computer at the show, maybe a few laptops. It is all iPhone cases and iPad stands. More like a trip to the mall than anything else.

The most interesting things at the show are outside, the people you pass by on the streets of San Francisco. Like this fellow who is a dead ringer for a famous religious figure. Besides his taste for sagging pants, I especially like that he is holding 2 cups of coffee with a cigaret in each hand plus a cigaret in his mouth.

<![CDATA[First blog]]>Thu, 14 Feb 2013 19:35:03 GMThttp://www.muldooncreative.com/blog/first-blogThis is my first attempt at a blog.
Why am I blogging? Who am I blogging to? What is a blog?
All good questions but I think I will start with a beer.
Pliney the Younger to be more specific.

This is Beer Week in Northern California where all things hoppy are celebrated with craft beer tastings and beer walks (why you would want to walk with your beer is a mystery to me but anyway...).
Russian River Brewery has one of the best IPAs in the world, Pliney the Elder, but once each year they release their special triple IPA, the legendary, the mythical: Pliney the Younger.
It was 2 years ago when I first hear of this super rare elixir of the gods. The only place I could find nearby that had it was the Rose and Crown in Palo Alto but they had only one keg and it was tapped at 10am and gone by 11am.
Last year I did my homework in advance and stood in line at Harry Houfbrau in San Jose for 2 hours. It was a madhouse, hot and steamy with the smell of bratwurst burping beer dudes in beer t-shirts with beer hats and beers in hand. By the time I finally got my room temperature $12 half glass, I honestly couldn't tell much difference between the Elder and the Younger. But everyone said it was great and worth the wait. But I was unconvinced.
So this year I was determined to resist the Walmart-last-Tickle-Me-Elmo-Doll mob mentality. A friend told me about driving 2 hours to the Russian River Brew Pub in Santa Rosa and waiting in line for 5 hours for a half glass. Places in San Jose like Good Kharma were getting one keg and expecting lines around the block and charging $15 for a half glass.
But yesterday after working on a corporate video project in Pleasanton, the gang went by The Hopyard for  beer and guess what?  It was quite and pleasant. No crowd, no line, no beer dudes. And they had both Plineys and the Younger was only $6!
So I did a side by side comparison between the Elder and the Younger. There is no doubt that he Elder is really a superb IPA: good hop taste and lots of flavor. But the Younger is like a overly concentrated version of the Elder, a little overbearing. The alcohol content is pretty high and you can taste it. The hop flavor is really strong with an after taste that is not great. 
I have got the hand it to Russian River Brewing. By limiting production and availability to the point where more people have heard about the beer than actually tried it they have created an almost mythical product.